My .02¢ on Baby Shaker

Baby Shaker courtesy of TechTree

Since fart apps have finally been approved for Apple’s iPhone the flood gates have been opened for developers everywhere! With Sikalosoft’s Baby Shaker iPhone App, Apple set a new standard for approval processes.

A tweet came to me a couple days ago when I posted an article from TUAW on the app,

baby shaker is truly awful but thinking of their arrogance and audacity to app it is kinda funny. a little?

To which I replied,

I’d have to be REALLY drunk to laugh about it, then I’d drink more to bury my shame for laughing. Funny it got approved, yes.

The only humor in the event is that the app was approved in the first place. It shouldn’t have happened. Maybe, like the only way I would laugh about it, the QA guys are having a little too much schnaps while working.

Fortunately, this tasteless ‘game’ was quickly shaken taken off of the shelf when Apple was battered by angry parents and child abuse activists. Apple has apologized to Macworld about the release in a recent article. Sikalosoft’s website (referenced above) is void of any content other than an apology and information about Shaken Baby Syndrome.

This really makes me wonder, like many others I’m sure, what Apple’s approval process is like. I’m certainly not the first to wonder, but hopefully the publicity of this ‘mistake’ will invoke a major overhaul to their review and approval process.


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