iPhone 3.0

This is a really quick post on the new iPhone 3.0 coming out next week. I downloaded the gold master version from a link given on Twitter and have been using it since Tuesday.

You know what? It’s pretty good. The Spotlight feature helped me find an email I needed. The landscape mode in email… well, I haven’t used that for typing yet, but I’m sure it’s cool. I really enjoy the note syncing in Apple Mail. The Voice Memos app is nice, but I’m not big on voice recording.

Copy and paste is great. I’m also happy that I can email up to five pictures, or copy many more to paste into an email. It is also very nice to be able to delete several pictures in the photo library just like emails. Because I write reviews for 148Apps I take a lot of screenshots and have to delete several if I forget to do it after a sync or email.

I’m really looking forward to the iDisk app from Apple. It should have been on the iPhone from 1.0, but what’s a brother gonna do?

A lot of people are complaining about the pricing for upgrading from an iPhone 3G to the 3G S. This is wasted energy. What people need to complain about is how AT&T is sticking it to their iPhone customers by not providing tethering and MMS isn’t coming to the iPhone until late summer (and in AZ that can go until November).

So what am I going to do? Right now I’m going to sell my 1st Generation iPhone to save a few bucks and use my wife’s iPod Touch for a while. I’m thinking about buying a Palm-Pre towards the end of the year. The main thing that will motivate this is watching what happens with the iPhone. I would like to see the iPhone go to Verizon, but we’ll see.


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