Life without an iPhone

As I sit in my living room enjoying the comfort of my well-worn leather couch, the cool embrace of a Miller Genuine Draft, and the velvety smooth intonations of Michael Jackson’s album Thriller, I can’t help but reminisce on the past 7 days. As a world, we’ve watched the end of an era with the death of Michael Jackson. As a nation we’ve watched President Obama travel to Russia for some strange reason. As an individual I’ve learned of the death of a fond acquaintance.

Considering all of these somber musings, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m thinking about the iPhone. To be honest, I am too, and find this post extremely shallow and offensive. That said, I’m moving past that and living in the moment.

So why the iPhone and why now? A couple of weeks ago I sold my iPhone for reasons of which I will spare you the details. The important thing was that I have an iPod Touch (not an iTouch) to fall back on. Being a new homeowner, and a recovering statistic from record unemployment numbers since the 70’s (or so), it seemed a good idea to trade in my 1st Gen iPhone for a GoPhone so that I could have a little extra money to put grass on the lawn (landscaping, people), and food in the mouths.

It’s been a month since this transaction took place and it hasn’t been terribly bad. Here are the pros and cons laid out for you if you’ve been thinking of relying on the iPod Touch (again, not the iTouch) alone.

Pros Cons
$30 off your phone bill No data (constant connectivity)
No more inappropriate activities while driving (tweeting, talking, texting…) No camera
No incessant questions about your cool communicative device No email
No interruptions during outbound sales calls No custom alarms (ringtones

It’s toughest not having that constant connectivity to the outside world. I can’t get my email until I get home?! I have kids, they don’t let me check my email. I have to read Google Reader on my work computer? I hate reading on a Windows machine. I hate not being able to send my wife a quick email while I’m working (that is without the prying eyes of corporate). I hate not checking on Facebook during my break.

Besides data, I miss having a camera. I was no prolific photographer by any means, but it was nice to have when I wanted to catch a quick picture. I like taking pictures of my boys and making them laugh. I miss being able to take pictures of the beautiful clouds and sunsets we get here in Phoenix, AZ during monsoon season. Moreover, the video will come in really handy too for this type of thing.

To go without saying, I miss the custom ringtones / alarms with the iPhone. It’s not necessary on the iPod Touch, but a nice feature that I would like so that I could wake up to my own custom alarm.

So what’s next?
I’m waiting for the next iPod version to be released before I make a decision. I can make it with my home and work phones (yes I still have a land line). I don’t really need to make calls or be distracted by my phone ringing while driving on Phoenix’s crazy freeways. If the new iPod Touch has camera and video capabilities as predicted, I’ll probably get it. I’ve got wireless at my office and the combination of MobileMe email and TextFree unlimited rocks for immediate communication needs. If I really wanted to I could get a Skype account and cover the phone there. Or, if Google Voice ever gets off the ground it will cover that base for me too. Otherwise, I think I can wait, and will enjoy, a 35 minute drive home without the phone interrupting me there too. Most importantly, I’ll still be able to use and review all of the awesome apps for even on an iPod Touch.

And if there’s no camera on the iPod Touch? Yeah, I’ll probably get the new iPhone. That camera is a real clincher for me—weird, I know..

To tie it all together…
How does this relate to the seven days passed mentioned above? The end of an era usually, to one degree or another, coincides with the beginning of a new era. The iPhone has revolutionized the cell phone industry and is shaping a new era. Michael Jackson took funk to a whole new level and shaped two or three generations. Citrus brought laughter and drama to many people at the Apple Store. And Vincent Price has creeped out, or will creep out, every person on the planet sooner or later. In light of all these things, as cool and revolutionary as the iPhone is… don’t forget that it’s just a phone. Don’t forget the important things in life. Take time to remember those whom you have loved and lost and focus on what you can do to make the world a better place for someone else. Between blog updates and new scores on TapTap Revenge of course.


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