Rabbi’s book says Jews can kill gentiles

A recent article in the JTA, referencing an article from Ha’aretz, stated Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira has published a book making the assertion it’s okay for Jews to kill non-Jews. In my opinion, you can replace ‘Jew’ with any nationality and ‘non-Jew’ with any other nationality and it puts it into a better perspective. Sadly, nations go to war and we kill each other. To make matters worse though this is from a Jewish source and I’ll bet you it will raise the ire of a few non-Jewish nations. Even worse, he says it’s okay to kill children if they’re an immediate threat.

Ach. Us Jews are having a hard enough time now and the last thing we need is our own people doing things like this to draw more attention. This is not the way we present ourselves. I hate reading things like this because it puts us in the same boat as the terrorists. We are not terrorists—Jews are not terrorists. We will and should do whatever it takes to protect ourselves, but we do not need to present ourselves as an overly aggressive people/nation. Let the military do that.

I pray this goes relatively unnoticed…

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