Israel’s desire for peace has ‘vanished’

France’s Foreign Minister is “hurt” because, “It seems to me, and I hope that I am completely wrong, that this desire has completely vanished, as though people no longer believe in it.” Check out the original article here.


Why isn’t this bozo giving Iran a hard time for not pursuing peace? This is the kind of commentary that Jews need to stand up against. If there was ever a peace-loving nation that exists, it’s Israel. Israel gets blasted for defending itself against constant attacks. Israel withholds herself so many times at the request of the U.S. Israel, as the United State’s closest and most loyal ally certainly deserves a little street cred on this alone. When have your friends never contributed to your social standing?

What are your thoughts on France’s FM’s words?


  1. “This is the kind of commentary that Jews need to stand up against. If there was ever a peace-loving nation that exists, it’s Israel.”

    Really? So subjugating Palestinians, while continuing to build settlements on these people’s lands is peace-loving?

    Stop hiding behind a smoke screen. The problem is that the government of Israel is confused on it’s own ideology. It’s supposed to stand for everything democratic, while also shunning religious mis-guided ideas, but yet it still commits those same mistakes.

    It seems that the government of Israel would rather deflect it’s peace initiatives with the Palestinians by focusing on Iran.

  2. Let’s ask some questions. How many Palestinian homes have been confiscated by Israeli’s? Are Palestinians provided with access to needed food, water, medicine and routine needs in Gaza? How many Palestinians have died because of an inability to get medical care because of road blocks or denial of travel? How many Palestinians are in Israeli prisons? What legal rights to these Palestinians have? Are Palestinians provided any recourse in Israeli courts for death, injury, civil rights abuses or damages inflicted on them by Israeli security? How many Palestinians have been displaced out of Israel since 1949 and continue to be denied any reparations for their lost land? Haven’t Jews been going after lost property taken during WWII, yet Israel would deny the same rights to displaced Palestinians? Are the walls and barriers surrounding Palestinians today just to prevent violence against Israeli’s or are they used to deny them access, freedom of movement, jobs, business and opportunity?

    Peace does not come from the mistreatment, intolerance, injustice and inequality in how others are treated. Nor will it come from a myopic view that continually declares it is the Palestinians who are too blame for these problems. One reaps what one sows and when all one sows is bitterness, hate and anger, all one can reap is the sorrow, pain and suffering that results from one’s own plants.

    For 42 years no Arab nation has declared war against Israel. What Israel has fought are the problems of its own creation, displaced Palestinians in Lebanon and disaffected Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. The need for Israel to defend itself reflects more the consequences of the hate, anger, distrust and fear it has generated by its own actions than any other single factor. I find it hard to sympathize with a country that mistreats its neighbor and then seeks the sympathy of others because their neighbor hates them. That is simply a consequence of your own actions. No sympathy is necessary.

    By the way, Iran is not at war with anyone. It is a pain in the rear that encourages and feeds the hate that others embrace, but Iran has not started any wars for many decades. Even their efforts to encourage others to battle would be unsuccessful were it not for the seeds they nurture having already been planted by Israel itself.

  3. hello jason – jason here from joburg, south africa.

    ironically, france is today one of israel’s better allies. strange, but true. sarkozy, and his dispensation have moved to the right and significantly challenged the french anti-israel status quo that we have become accustomed to.
    we should hear them out – IMO – and spend more time listening to what they have to say. the more good relationships in europe, the better it is for israel.

    don’t forget sarkozy’s paternal grandfather was a greek jew, and his son is now engaged to an heir from the Darty family in france – very prominent french jewish family. he’s certainly a friend to israel!

    just my thoughts.



  4. Mr Wedlund

    it is clearly you who is myopic to write a post like that, unfortunately. it is completely biased, and in parts revisionist. you make NO mention of the stated aims of pretty much all the palestinian leadership concerning israel, and only too frequently – the jews in general.

    when you allow for a death-cult – hamas/islamic jihad etc. – to govern your destiny, you take on the concomitant risk of “reaping what you sow” as you put it. there has NEVER been an acknowledgment of israel’s right to exist, and the palestinians have consistently trashed every opportunity thus far for self determination. very simple actually: you have a neighbour that occupies 0.03% of the middle east; and roughly 17% of the original palestine mandate, which has consistently been demonized, vilified and attacked by their neighbors, as well as proxy’s. what exactly do you expect? israel will never compromise on her security, and quite frankly the palestinians have done NOTHING to improve their situation! where is the palestinian peace movement? where is the equivalent of “Peace Now” or 100 other dovish Israeli and Jewish NGO’s the world over??
    you show me one gesture from the palestinians that indicates a will for peace and a better future. don’t waste your time, there aren’t any. since Arafat successively cannibalized the Palestinians at Oslo et al. the pattern remains the same, and the position is clear. THERE IS NO DESIRE FOR PEACE WITH ISRAEL. THEY DON’T WANT A JEWISH PRESENCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.
    the only palestinians in 1949 were JEWS – who have had a continuous presence in the land for 3000 years, and been in the majority in Jerusalem ever since.
    what’s more is the fiasco of Israel removing 8000 Jews out of Gaza as a step towards peace. they were dutifully thanked with a barrage of rockets, the destruction of the synagogues; and the desolation of the most sophisticated greenhouse/agricultural enterprise that was bought for the palestinians by american jews.
    why was “Palestine” not created ANYTIME between 1948-1967 when Jordan & Egypt controlled the West Bank & Gaza respectively? because there was no such identity as a palestinian – that was created by arafat in 1963, opportunistically.
    and save your revisionism regarding Iran – it’s stupid. the Mullocracy in charge over their discuss “wiping israel off the map” on a daily basis. you show me where israel has threatened to wipe any country “off the map” ever??

    i am no great fan of israel’s leadership, believe me. but israeli’s want peace, and deserve security. hamas have imposed the destiny on the palestinians, and they will continue to reap what they sow until they elect human beings as their leaders, as opposed to despicable death worshippers who sacrifice their own children, and their collective future.


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