Apple Tech Support Tips: 4 Steps to Bend Apple to Your Will

There are some great tips in this article to get help from Apple for support problems. It can basically be said that you just need to be polite and respectful to get help. Having worked for Apple we were pretty much willing to bend over backwards for people who were really cool and polite when they had a problem they needed help with.

That said, I don’t believe emailing a CEO of any company should be standard procedure for personal help with a computer problem. This is bad advice as it is unprofessional and immature. How would you like to be the CEO of a company whose consumers believe he’s a part of the problem resolution team? That’s what the support channels are for. Only corporate problems that cannot be resolved through the designated channels need to go to the CEO. This is true for any company.

If you can’t get coverage or support for a problem after being polite and trying all of the available resources, stop¬†sniveling.


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