Hungarian political party promises ‘cleansing’ of country

At a dinner Sunday night I spoke with a Jewish couple who had visited Vienna and were nearly not allowed into a local synagogue. The anti-Semitism is so bad in Vienna that Jews are scared and won’t let anyone into the community they don’t know. I Googled anti-Semitism in Austria and found next to nothing.

This article is not about Austria; it is about Hungary. A representative of the Jobbik political party “promised a new extermination of ‘vermin’ in a forthcoming ‘cleansing’ of the Hungarian nation.” Take a moment to read the full article here. Read more about the Jobbik party here.

When you come across an article about anti-Semitic activities tell your friends and family about it. Tweet about it. Facebook it. Whatever. Get the word out. Anti-Semitic activities are increasing and we must make people aware and act against it in whatever way we can.


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