I'm sorry… who's the victim?

The JTA is reporting the following story… a Palestinian stabs a couple of Israeli women (couldn’t fight a man I guess…), gets shot, and then an Israeli settler (man) runs over him a few times with his car. Sure, the guy didn’t have to run over the Palestinian, he was already down, but I can’t say I blame him—maybe he was a husband, father, brother of one of the women? Watch the Al Jazeera video for the surprise twist.

This is absolute insanity when an aggressor (not to mention a cowardly one) gets a taste of his own medicine and he’s portrayed as the victim. This makes me sick. Of course, this could be another incident like the picture that fed the liberal media machine. We’ll see.



  1. I find the journalist to be quite opinionated. This stuff happens. The fact that it happened to a terrorist that just attacked two people is good.
    1. What are the ROE that the Israeli operate under? Why didn’t they kill or immobilize the terrorist before the driver had a chance to take action?

  2. The terrorist had been shot and immobilized prior to being run over.

    The journalist is opinionated because she’s Al Jazeera. Should have run over him more… he didn’t even attack a man.

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