Move with a Cinch, or with Mercury Mover

I’ve been reading a lot about Cinch lately by Irradiated Software. It’s made a bit of a splash in the Mac blogs lately and I checked it out. Currently, I’m a user and fan of MercuryMover by Irradiated Software. I try to avoid redundancy in apps and that’s the purpose of this post. Cinch is a cool little app, but MercuryMover is a powerhouse when it comes to window management.

In short, it’s a small app that runs in the background that performs the simple act of arranging your windows when you drag them to an edge of the screen. It’s easier to see it than explain it, so here’s a screen cast I’m borrowing from YouTube user ThatsMacster:

There you have it. It creates a feature similar to Windows 7’s windows resizing feature. Cinch seems pretty cool and I checked it out and almost bought it, for $7 it doesn’t even seem like that big a risk. Then I started thinking about my current solution MercuryMover by Helium Foot Software. It is also a window management tool and I was curious if I could duplicate Cinch’s functionality.

MercuryMover is not an app, but a preference pane. It doesn’t just resize your windows, it moves them. You can move/resize windows by 1,10, or 100 pixels and you can also program shortcuts to use a preferred size & location with just a simple keystroke (which is my personal favorite feature). For instance, I like my windows in the center of the screen, and at a uniform size (it’s weird, I know). So if I’m sending an email and the message window pops up in the corner I can just use the command to activate MercuryMover, and press ‘=’ to move it to the center of the screen. It’s also convenient to move small windows in and out of attention zones, like iChat or Stickies. Like Cinch, you can program placement and window size for half-screen effects, and activate them with a couple of keystrokes instead of the mouse.

So you can get an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s another convenient video, this time from TUAW:

You can download a free trial, but are encouraged to purchase it for $20. With that comes a 60-day assurance that you’ll love it, if not, you’ll get a refund.

In conclusion, Cinch is cool, but useless for my part, as I can easily recreate its functionality with MercuryMover. If you’re looking for this kind of app, I recommend spending a few extra dollars and getting some nice control over your windows instead of something that just cuts the window to one-half of your vertical or horizontal screen.



  1. Hi Philo, thanks for the terrific write-up! As an indy developer, it’s always incredibly gratifying to hear that real people use and enjoy my software. Companies like mine, Irradiated Software and all of the really terrific independent Mac software outfits wouldn’t be able to do it without blogs like yours.

    All the best,
    Keith Alperin

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