A rant on love

In April this woman and I will have been married 9 years. We’ve been together for 11 and they’ve all been great, not easy, but great just because we’ve had them together.

We got out on a date last night thanks to a friend who kindly stayed with our boys. She wanted to see a movie, and I kind of did too, but there was nothing playing at the time we went out, at least at a decent hour. I’m very glad that we didn’t see a movie because then we would not have been able to spend time together.

We sat at Chili’s for about an hour, ate some terrible food, shared a decent margarita, and talked. It was great, so great that it made me think of writing this.

In the soon to be 9 years we’ve been married, we’ve been through so much. These things are in no specific order.

  • We’ve been married twice
  • We’ve had three wonderful boys
  • We’re currently surviving cancer
  • We’ve moved 6 times
  • We bought our first house February 2009 after the birth of our 3rd son
  • She has helped me with the loss of my mom
  • We helped a friend during the death of her 2-month old daughter, Eliana
  • We’ve laughed, loved, fought, loved, and laughed again
  • We’ve felt the excitement of birth, and felt the loss of miscarriage
  • We’ve been insanely happy with something each of our boys did as a baby
  • We’ve been insane as we’ve worked through challenging times
  • We’ve always come back to each other because there was no where else to go

What a gal she is, my Bithia. I sure do love her.


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