Neo-Nazi march blocked in Dresden

Here’s a really cool article from the JTA about 10,000 protestors stopping a neo-nazi march in Germany’s eastern town of Dresden. You can read the full article here.

While most of the protestors were peaceful and simply formed a human chain to prevent the neo-nazis from moving forward some became violent, physically blocking their progress by burning trash bins and destroying the vehicles they had traveled in. This is my favorite part of the article,

Ultimately, police informed the right-wing marchers that authorities could not guarantee their safety, and urged them to call off the march.

I love reading these types of things and am especially thrilled by this because it happened in Germany. It’s poetic that the nation that caused the destruction of 6 million Jews has stopped what Lena Roth calls “the biggest neo-Nazi march in Europe.”

What’s even more amazing about this is that it all happened on the 65th anniversary of Dresden’s bombing, killing an estimated 25,000 civilians. At a time when it would be so easy to let the gears of war turn, 10,000 people turned the gears of peace.



  1. Hey,

    it was amazing to be there, but the article, like most, is wrong about the numbers and how it actually happend. There were 10.000 people in downtown Dresden forming the human chain, supported by the mainstream parties, but those who were actually blocking the Nazis were another 12.000 peaceful protesters (yes, a dozen have set bins on fire) who were peacefully blocking the Nazi’s route by occupying (=sitting or standing on) strategic crossroads and the Dresden-Neustadt train station (from where some 20.000 jews were deported to Auschwitz ~70 years ago). The Nazis couldn’t move from there, and were forced to stand sourrounded by anti-fascists, who were organised by a wide variety of party’s youth organizations, unions, religious organizations etc. The alliance between leftist and civil-society organizations got the job done, and it was because of the consensus to be non-violently civil disobedient we were successful.

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