Riots at the Temple Mount

The JTA published this story about Palestinian youth locking themselves in the Al-Aksa Mosque and throwing stones at police and non-Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount. This was not just a random event. Apparently, according to the JTA, it was called for by the Wakf and other Islamic organizations asked Muslims to gather at the Temple Mount because radical Jews were laying the cornerstone for the third Jewish Temple. I don’t know about you, but hearing ‘radical Jew’ doesn’t really strike fear into my heart. Every now and again one of us fly off the handle, but for the most part the two words don’t really belong in the same sentence (unless you’re talking about a Jewish skateboarder from the 90s). Moreover, I really think that if the cornerstone were being laid it would be difficult for Jews to keep that a secret… unless Mossad was doing it. Otherwise, that’s too big an event to keep to yourself.

This article did make me think of the Messianic era, when it’s finally ushered in and Mashiach makes himself known and does all of his messianic work. I imagine then that things will be quite interesting and quite disruptive for just about everyone (“Earth and all its inhabitants dissolve” (Psalms 75:4 JPS)). In the end though, the world will be a peaceful place as “Nation shall not take up Sword against nation; They shall never again know war.” (Isaiah 2:4 JPS)

At that time the world will live in peace. Unlike a couple of other religions I know of, this era does not mean the entire world will be homogenous in its religious practice. There will be Jews and non-Jews, just like before, except that there will be peace and all people will be united in the belief and worship of the One G~d. Jews, Muslims, and Christians will finally peacefully coexist.

How productive will the Nations be when we can all work together? How much good will be done when there is no longer a budget for armies and navies? We all know the destructive power of an aircraft carrier, but what good will it do for the world? What will be the medical advances? What will the poorest and most desperate parts of the world look like after a year?

This story covered by the JTA is ,sadly, not uncommon. I look forward to the day when all peoples can walk peaceably side-by-side at the Temple Mount.


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