Euthan Simpson

After much curiosity and a desire to satisfy it, I found information about two of the ships my grandfather Euthan Ambrose Simpson served.
The first was the USS Wasp (CV-7). Info can be read about it here. It was torpedoed and sunk September 15, 1942.


Surviving the attack, he was immediately transferred to the USS Hornet (CV-8). It can be read about here. My grandfather fought on the ship in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. This ship was attacked on October 26, 1942 and sunk the next day.


I can’t imagine what he went through. The fire on board the Kennedy was scary, but it is difficult to imagine surviving two attacks, much less one, and staying in the Navy afterward. He was a very quiet man, and now I understand why.

If you happen to have any information about these ships please post in the comments or contact me.


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