Do you like buying accessories for your iPhone or iPods? Things like cases, cables, or chargers? Of course you do. Don’t go to the Apple store for this. Don’t go to Best Buy. Don’t even go to Fry’s Electronics. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere.

Just go to Monoprice and search for iPhone or iPod and buy your necessities. I’ll tell you that there are not a lot of frills here. A few cables, some cases, and a couple of chargers… really it’s just your basics. But the price is so great on these that you would be a fool to buy these basics from anywhere else ever again.

I discovered it about a month ago and ordered a couple of syncing cables. It cost me about $5 for a couple of cables and that included shipping. I think I got a Cat5 cable too…

If you like screen savers (and this is what I’m really excited about) then they have the best ones I’ve seen since the brand sold at the Apple store. They cost about .86 for 1, and it gets less the more you order. I just bought 5 and with shipping it is just over $5. If you buy $5 at Apple you’re going to spend about $30. Yep.

If you’re on your iPhone a lot you can get a fancy leather charging case for about $20. It’s the same thing as the $100 fancy pants ones at the Apple store. If you want to pay more please email me and send me the difference, but buy it from Monoprice.

So go to Monoprice and shop for your cables and basic needs. Great products and excellent prices. Seriously. Do it. Do it now. Get to da choppa!


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