Jew Roundup

The Phoenix New Times has reached a new low in its publication of Jew Roundup by Michael Lacey. At the request of a congregant, my Rabbi wrote the following response, Letter to the Editor, to the Phoenix New Times and encourages others who find the material as reprehensible as he does to contact them, complain about the article, and demand an apology and retraction of the material.

In addition to calling the Phoenix New Times at 602-271-0040, you can also email the editor by clicking this link.

As Rabbi Lavinsky points out, it is not the racism of this post alone that is troubling, but also,

The publication of this article just a few days before Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Memorial Day, highlights just how clueless the New Times is to the sensibility of a people that has already done more than their share of suffering over the years.

Jew and non-Jew alike, please take a moment to read Rabbi Lavinsky’s Letter to the Editor, and contact the editor yourself.

We must not be silent.


One comment

  1. I was personally subjected to anti-semitic hate and harrasement that was inflamed by two false stories about me in Phoenix New Times–the harrasement got so out of hand, I needed police assistance to put a stop to it.
    When I informed New Times what they had done to me, Niki D’Andrea, the author of the stories, and Rick Barrs, her editor, laughed.
    I am not a celebrity or a politician: the stories they wrote about me were not newsworthy. New Times targeted me because they were looking for a Jew to hurt & humiliate.
    Something needs to de done to put a stop to this.

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