Sony Vaio Z-Series

I came across this article on TechCrunch about the Sony Vaio Z-Series 13″ notebook. I went to the product page and was astounded by a base price of $1899. You can get a comparable base model 13″ MacBook Pro for $1199.

What are you paying for in this Sony? A 128GB SSD. If you add the same thing to the MacBook Pro you’re only looking at $1549. Okay, so you’re asking about the difference in processors now? Both are Intel’s new i5. The difference between them is .13GHz in favor of the Sony. What will you see in performance difference? Nothing. That level of difference is marketing to make your mouth water. Both notebooks sport 1066GHz SDRAM, though you’re paying for 1x4GB stick in the Sony to have an extra slot for more RAM.

Overall, what kind of performance advantage will you have between the two? Both of these notebooks are consumer tools. They will both support all of your email, office, and browsing needs, as well as hobby photo and video editing. If you go with the Mac you get iLife included which will support your photo and video editing (you have to buy your own with the Sony), plus you will get iWeb for creating your own website, a DVD creating program, and GarageBand for creating music. If you go with the Mac you don’t have to worry about getting viruses and you don’t have to subscribe to anti-virus software. Basically, you’ll get a better notebook, with more software, a better user experience, and for nearly $400 less.

Now tell me that Macs are more expensive. Here are a couple of screenshots to see what’s going on in this comparison.

Vaio Z vs MBP.png


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