Obama Administration Urges Israel to Sign Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

So much for electricity

Practically moments before Netanyahu is to make a reconciliatory visit to Obama in Washington, he cancels because of the recent problems in Gaza. That certainly has its own problems and is reason enough for Netanyahu to return home, but I do believe there’s another reason for it as well.

The RubinReports reported last night that the U.S. is urging Israel to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. As many problems with Gaza and Israel’s attack on the aid ship (which is another article in and of itself), this action by the Obama administration sets a new precedent in our dealings with Israel.

Take a moment to read the article here, but here’s a quote to which you should pay attention,

Are Americans in general and American Jews in particular going to persist in believing that this administration really does view Israel as a good friend and a close ally? It’s hard to believe, though of course many will. Perhaps the next round or the one after that will convince them otherwise.

This administration has not been friendly towards Israel from the beginning. The Obama’s relation with Israel is like that of a schoolyard bully. If there’s one thing we all learned in elementary school is that a bully is not to be trusted. Do not believe that this administration is friends with Israel—everything it does should tell you otherwise, not what you hear in conferences!

I don’t want to hear the U.S. say we’re allies with Israel anymore—it’s time this administration repents for its treatment of Israel and restore relations to what they have been.

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  1. As a, I guess genetic?, Jew — although not a practicing one — I’m downright scared right now. Things are not looking good, and the one country in the world that should be a safe haven is every day looking more and more like it will be first in line if they start opening new camps.

    I know that sounds a little paranoid, but when you look at history, you have to wonder if we’re heading that way again.

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