Apple’s iPhone Antenna Conference

Please read my previous article on this topic if you haven’t read it yet.

Apple held a press conference today regarding their issues with the iPhone antenna. Jason Snell of Macworld did a great job covering it and you can read it here. You can also watch the video here.

I didn’t believe this was a real engineering problem, but did think it could be a PR issue based on Apple’s lack of response prior to today. It was the first time I’d followed and major problem Apple had faced and am pleased with their response. I believe it’s in line with my other experiences of the company and enjoyed Steve’s statement about its customers, “We love our users. We really love ’em. And we try very hard to surprise and delight them. We work our asses off for them. And it’s great. and we have a blast doing it.” (via Jason Snell’s coverage)

Reading this gave me the same feeling I had when I walked into an Apple store the first time, used my first iPod, and was able to demo the iPhone before the rest of the world as an employee. Apple does it right. If our government was run with such passion and purpose…


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