I swear I'm not sucking up to Jerald Ford

When Jerald Ford introduced himself to me, my reply was, “Like the clumsy president. Hmm.” He gave me that look I often get when someone wants to take me out to the desert, bury me neck deep, and pour honey over my head. But he was graceful enough, smiled sheepishly, and said, “Yes, but I’m a better lover.” Having to take his word on that one I left it there and we parted.

The next time we spoke I learned that he is quite the creative individual. Very specifically, this guy writes books! For as many people I’ve met who say they “write”, I’ve never met a person who has actually written and published. He’s also a musician and practices a bit of contortion on the side. He says he picked that up during his carny days.

The reason I am telling you about Jerald Ford is because after months of empty promises, I fulfilled them both. The first was going to see him and his buddy Taggart perform at a small bar in Scottsdale. It was completely entertaining and they are both very talented. He and Taggart almost played Billy Joel’s She’s Always A Woman, which would have guaranteed that I scored on my anniversary date. So, so close…

The second promise I fulfilled was buying a book. His first piece that I read was A Bunny Screaming which is biographical. I bought it on Amazon’s Kindle for the bargain basement price of $5 and you can get it here. In this book I read excerpts from The Goody Phelps Papers which can also be purchased on Amazon here. All of his books, that I know of, are available in print editions as well. They can be purchased here.

I’ve enjoyed his writing very much. His style is light, humorous, and there are some strange twists and turns that go on in the course of his books. You should buy one of his books right now. You can’t go wrong with Goody Phelps, but if you prefer more introspection with your humor, you’ll also enjoy A Bunny Screaming.

If you prefer a print book and you know me, let me know and I may be able to score a signed copy from the author. If you’re into that kind of thing. He is famous you know.

Look, seriously. Just buy a book. Make me look like a champ here and not some suckup groupie trying to score some brownie points with a middle-aged dude. I just enjoy his writing and would love to see you enjoy it too, and also help him out a bit. I swear there’s nothing in it for me… besides a nice bottle of Scotch (just like we talked about, right Jer?).

So yeah, that’s it. Buy one of Jerald Ford’s books. Not the ex-president, but the guy I work with. It will make you appreciate good writing again. And I almost forgot! Ach… If you’re not ready to make that long-term commitment of a book, you can read his blog at http://blog.jeraldlford.com. Take a minute to subscribe to have new updates emailed to you so you don’t miss a thing.


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