The skyscraper in the background of Peter Griffin's home

I started watching Family Guy when I had my shoulder surgery. I started on season 1 and I haven’t looked back. Except for the episode 100 where they reviewed all the best of the old episodes, but really it was 102 if you look at the count on Netflix. Unless Netflix people can’t count and screwed it up somewhere, but I digress.

Anyway, you know what stands out the most as I’ve gone through 7 seasons of the Family Guy? The building that you see in the background of their house. Yeah, that thing. A building. Overall, the show started making a change somewhere around season 4 after the Zuckerwhosits left. You’ll have to take my word for it that it changed because I’ll be damned if I’m going to go back to old episodes and grab screenshots of everything.

Just look at that building bein' all sexy and shit!

Anyway, up to season 4-ish, it looked dirty. Then it looked clean. But now in the first episode of season 7 it looks really fucking nice, man. It’s like it got a major renovation or something. Seriously! Check it out.

If you need to burn hours of your life away in several long sittings, go have some surgery and get on some prescribed opiates, then sit your stoned-ass down in front of the Family Guy for a while. Watch the building. It will blow your mind.



  1. It reminds me of the Simpson’s. At the beginning of every episode, Bart Simpson is writing something different on the chaulkboard.

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