Mr. Nigel the fretting tabby

(Read in British accent for proper effect)

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter of utmost importance to myself, my client, and my tabby cat Mr. Nigel.

Your prompt attention has diverted a catastrophe of catastrophic proportions, which resulted in Mr. Nigel’s gratitude and insistence that I pen you immediately and with much fanfare. You see, the troubles all began when Mr. Nigel took a contract position at APC to write a program for an online configurator to help clients determine power draw. Mr. Nigel did an outstanding job writing the code for theĀ calculations and such whatnots and soforths for power needs, but had the damndest time to make the tool determine proper wall connections to coincide with power outputs and inputs. (Personally, I think it has to do with Mr. Nigel’s lack of opposable thumbs and that he just can’t grasp *chortle* the concept of pushing and pulling small things into and out of walls. I mean, really, what is a super company like APC doing hiring cats for contractors anyway? Notwithstanding the talent of Mr. Nigel, it’s just poor judgment!)

When we discovered the wrong part had been ordered because of said error, Mr. Nigel just felt terrible and wanted to make sure that replacing the parts would be as trouble-free as possible. Now that things are purrrrfect (haha, I do love a good pun) we are all very happy that peace has been restored to the land.

Well then! Great work, team! Mr. Nigel’s begging for a can of tuna and I have to take care of that. See, there’s that lack-of-opposable thumb problem again. HAHA!

Fare thee well ladies and gents!
Jason Philo & Mr. Nigel


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