Another Apple fanboy post…

This has been a big year for Apple. They’re more valuable than Microsoft, Exxon, even the U.S. Government! They’ve somehow managed to create an aura around their products that people still want them, and somehow buy them, when we’re in the greatest financial struggles since the Great Depression. They make products that not only work very well, but they give you a strong emotional reaction to them.

Look at this redesign the Apple Store at Fifth Avenue is getting. Just look at it! My god, man! You take something that’s already amazing, then put it next to the “one more thing” redesign and you can’t help but think what stands there now is pure rubbish.

Photos plagiarized from the Web somewhere

This is just absolutely incredible. Just incredible.

Now, what if your business ran the way Apple runs? What if all businesses were as passionate about creating a product right the first time, and somehow making it better and better with each iteration? What if our Government representatives were passionate about giving the best service possible to their constituents? Man, what a thought.

Does anyone know about the prophetic role Apple may play in the End Times? Just curious… now go back and look at those pictures.


One comment

  1. I would hardly call the ipad 2 a shining example of better and better with each iteration… but it does amaze me how stupefied consumers seem to be over Apple.

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