A Starbucks survey

If you know me, and you see that I have an opportunity to fill out an online survey, you really shouldn’t ask me to do it. 

The employees at this store are so amazing. They know me, my drink, and are always friendly. There is usually this super crabby manager there, I don’t know her name, but I swear this lady was not made for customer service. She should work for DMV, or the public waste management system with a crappy attitude like that. She always makes me feel like I’m bothering her when she’s there. But everyone else, and I do mean everyone else, even that weird blonde kid with the mullet (he’s not an employee, but he’s always there, saying hi when I walk in. Then he stares at me with that creepy homicidal smile for a while until he goes back to his crossword puzzle and cuddling his teddy bear), EVERYONE is nice to me there. We laugh, tell jokes, they ask how my shoulder’s doing because I had some surgery a few months ago.

Sorry for the run on sentences and few paragraph breaks. I know it makes it hard to read.

So I’ll try to make things easier to read

from here on out.

Anyway, I really like your store at Elliot and I-10. Everyone there is just swell, just swell,

I tell ya!



A regular

customer who comes in

quite regularly.

You know, there’s even another customer I talk with regularly, when I’m in early enough to see her, but that hasn’t happened in a while. But still, if I were there earlier I would say hi to her, she would say hi to me, and we’d talk for a minute while preparing our coffees and getting ready for our dreary, suck-ass day at the office.

Thanks for starting a day off right. Especially when I take care of making coffee at home, but then leave it on the counter as I walk out the door. That’s when you guys REALLY make a difference. By you guys,

I mean the people who work in the store. Which has women work there too. So I’m not using it in the sense that everyone has a penis, just in a totally inclusive way for EVERYONE.

Isn’t it nice that not everyone has a penis? I think so.

Thanks for the coffee and for being cool. I’m a writer, not a weirdo, well, maybe a little weird, but I’m not dangerous or anything. I do hear voices, but they tell me I’m hot so I consider them helpful, and otherwise benign.





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