Red Hot Chili Peppers live broadcast from Cologne, Germany

As soon as it was announced the Peppers would be broadcasting a live concert from Cologne, Germany to theaters around the world I checked to see if tickets were available in Phoenix. Knowing I live in the 5th largest city in the U.S., I had little doubt, just wondered about location. Fortunately, there was a theater just 10 minutes away where it would be playing. 

My son Adam went with me. He got to stay up late on a school night and it was sort of his first concert… sort of. He learned the members of the band and enjoyed the show. He heard the “F” word a lot from Flea. He also learned a new word when Flea said, “I have sweaty testicles.” He had a good time and we had a great time together.

This video is from the show. Flea developed a hand cramp and needed to stretch it out for a few minutes. While he did that, Chad took over to entertain the crowd. Hilarity ensued. Then they rolled right into playing Goodbye Hooray from the new album I’m With You.

All in all, it was a great show. It was an interesting way to experience a concert. The small crowd at the theater was confused as what to do at the end, but one guy spoke for us all when he whistled, cheered, and clapped. Getting out of there was super easy and traffic was non-existent. This part was far superior to any concert experience—hands down.




  1. thanks for your post! I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and also went yesterday to a movie theatre to check the new album. Great experience!

    I had to leave earlier though… could u tell me what old songs did they play?



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