Office for Mac 2013 in murky waters

PC World is reporting that Microsoft is feeling frisky Apple consumers of their popular Office Suite for Mac. They report that there’s a possible price hike on the horizon—anywhere from 10% — 17% depending on the licensing. But that’s not all — they’re also looking at reducing the number of licenses that a user may buy and pushing their subscription service at a whopping $100 a year.

I don’t know about you, but the only time I’ve needed the Office Suite is when I’m working on papers for college — the references functionality is pretty amazing. Outside of that, Apple’s iWork more than meets my needs (though it’s getting a little long in the tooth for an update). Right now, upgrade plans are not in my future.

All that said, their Skydrive service is pretty nice and a good alternative to Google Docs. It could improve its display a bit (the fonts aren’t very crisp), but its integration is very similar to Dropbox with the added bonus of online editing capability in a ubiquitous format for sharing.

Microsoft, you need to get with the program, man. Lots of folks are coming up with some really good software solutions and you’re still stuck in a 90’s business model. You’ve got a few good things going, don’t keep alienating your users.


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