Tesla is ready to complete at automotive first

Wired reports Tesla’s automotive first of software updates for its Model S.

This is pretty sweet. And a little scary. But mostly sweet. But seriously, I think Tesla could be the Apple of the automotive industry.

The sweet part is not being reliant upon the dealer to make sure your car’s computer brain is running the last software and firmware updates. The scary part is what happens if you have an iPhone-type upgrade incident and have to do a reinstall—but you don’t discover it until you’re cruising at 70 MPH on the freeway and your car suddenly thinks it’s going 30 MPH and accelerates to your 70 MPH setting!

But alas, no worries! These are just minor updates:

Some changes may contribute to the safety parameters of the car or make material improvements to the technology, adds Tesla spokeswoman Shanna Hendriks. Some changes will provide the driver the option to control/turn off any added new features — such as idle creep.

But what is “idle creep?” That may actually be a little frightening.


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