iPad Mini: Proof that Apple is in Decline?

Eli Fennell on his blog Technerdium Central thinks the iPad mini represents the embodiment of Apple’s downfall.

Let me repeat: the iPad Mini will sell millions.  It will probably outsell the larger iPad eventually.  To someone who only sees quarterly revenue, all will seem well in Cupertino Town.  But to someone with a longer view of the technology landscape, the death of a technology firm starts the minute innovation takes a back seat to profit.  And that’s precisely what Apple has done, repackaging an old tablet into a smaller form factor.

It takes years to innovate a new product. Apple did it with the iPhone in 2007, and the first iPad in 2010. The iPad was obviously an offspring of the iPhone, or vice versa… but overall, this was one product that kicked the cell phone industry in the ass and another that truly started the tablet industry where Microsoft was floundering in it for years.

There are two things that need to be pointed out: 1. Apple is not successful based on innovation alone: best customer service and best customer satisfaction anyone? 2. How do you outsell a product without growing your base?

Everyone thinks that Steve was the end-all-be-all of Apple, and now that he’s gone Apple’s doomed — DOOMED I TELL YOU!!!! — But let’s give it a little time, Google fanbois (that’s French, right? Fan-bwa?) You make some cool stuff. Fo realzies! It’s cool, homies. Get defensive much? Sheesh.

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