Ihnatko’s review of the new Microsoft Tablet

Andy Ihnatko has a day-one review of the new Surface tablet from MS on the Chicago Sun-Times. He’ll have a more complete review to come Monday, but this one’s pretty good.

With all of the reviews that I’ve read so far, Ihnatko’s is the most positive. Many others have been confused, meh, or too little too late. Andy’s is relatively enthusiastic and I think this bit nails it for the Surface’s purpose in the tablet market.

Given that “I need to use the Real Microsoft Word, not just a word processor that reads and writes Word files” is the issue that defines the difference between traveling with just my iPad and needing to take my MacBook across the country . . . I definitely recognize that “Real Office” is a major plus for Surface RT.

This may be the item to squash the Office on iPad rumors. They’d be taking the draw out of their own tablet.


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