Corporate Tyranny

Corporate Tyranny

Maybe the title is a little dramatic, but this article makes such an impression on me, not because of CBS’s actions with SodaStream, but because of ideas I have about Corporate America, and the greater Global Marketplace.

in my mind, modern corporations behave in similar ways to nations. They grow, they war (so to speak), they take over smaller, weaker countries. They have citizens for which they are responsible. They have a system of government and even social classes.

What really interests me is that corporations do not have to play by the same rules as the government. As this article points out, CBS banned SodaStream’s commercial because it represented too much of a threat to Coke and Pepsi, a couple of its main sponsors. The author of the linked article, Will Burns, gets into more details, so I’ll spare them here.

As you read the article think of the corporations in the context of a global scale and what possible scenarios can come out of these “business practices.”


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