Cheaper iPhone rumor

I’ve figured it out! After reading this article on AppleInsider, I was able to figure it out. The rumors about a cheaper iPhone and an iWatch are one and the same. Here’s why I think so…

Reason 1: The previous Nano made a smash hit in a market Apple didn’t even expect, the watch. I have 2 bands that I use with mine. I like it. I also never use it as an iPod because it doesn’t have Bluetooth. I think it was Jobs himself who expressed surprise about its unforeseen popularity in that arena. Now that Nano style is gone, much to the dismay of many.

Reason 2: Rumors of a cheaper iPhone and Apple experimenting with curved glass are coinciding with each other. I think the glass will be for future models and we’ll see something out of aluminum for now. 

Reason 3: Gruber is talking about a larger iPhone, which is another rumor coming around the same time… so there’s something going on here. 

It’s my guess that the cheaper iPhone is out. It doesn’t make sense when you can get a brand new iPhone 4 for .99 (with a contract). The glass is in, and by glass, I mean watch with a subtle blend of iPhone functionality/integration. It should be pretty cool.

If Apple does come out with an iWatch, will you buy one?


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