I wish I could quit you


I was looking at Facebook this morning and thought “Wow, what a time sink.” I’ve quit Facebook before, at least twice, and have ended up coming back because of one thing or another, usually friends that I want to keep up with, but am coming to a real consensus on it after a comment from my wife: “you’ve got 163 friends and only a few read your posts.” Hmm. Yes, it seems you’re right.

I have been trying to find ways to make myself more productive on the writing front and getting rid of Facebook is one way to do it. The reason I say this is I post a lot of ideas, jokes, and very short stories there—for just a few people. If I dedicate this to WordPress instead, I am not only doing something productive, but forcing myself to spend more time developing ideas to give richer content. I see stats on this blog with hits from all over the world and I believe I can do more with it when I contribute regularly.

So what do you think? Are there readers out there who’ve quit Facebook and stayed away, or have you used it more productively than 99% of people (myself included!)? Let me know what you do.


One comment

  1. Yeah, that makes sense. I’ll read your blog instead of stuff on FB. I like FB only because I can be sort of a voyeur into the lives of people I know, have known or am getting to know. So for me, I like this aspect of FB. Then again, I’m not a writer. And for now, FB is a way I kill time while I’m on this temporary retirement thing I’m living. And enjoying if I might add.

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