I’m sure you’ve read about the mysteriously declining bee population. If not, here’s some info for you.

Now that you’re caught up, that’s pretty freaky isn’t it?! What will we do!?

Some people are pollinating trees themselves (also pretty freaky)! Others, like me, ignore it and wait for the day when all hell breaks loose.

But a few others are making their own robots to do the pollinating. How cool is that? I wonder if they have to fly back to chargers? Or if they’re solar powered!! Or, maybe flower power! Yes! Flower Power!

Anyway, click the title of this post for a cool snippet I found on a really cool blog I like (Rude Mechanicals), and if you want to know more, you can click on the source link. Have fun.

Update: Scratch that, the main source requires a little digging, so here it is right here.


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