Series: Analyzing Difficult Songs

In this new series I will analyze and interpret difficult songs with a twist of humor, hoping to shed some light into the darkness of mysterious lyricists. If you have a song that you’d like me to slaughter embellish with my views, send it to me at fnkymonk at icloud dot com.

For the first analysis I’m tackling Easy by The Commodores.

Lionel's easy, but he ain't cheap.

Lionel’s easy, but he ain’t cheap.

Easy isn’t, as someone once said (probably not), but Easy sounds great. Easy makes you feel good. Lionel Richie’s voice is smooth as silk and seductive as a lonely bar hag at 1:45 AM. If you’re not listening to the lyrics then you are going to feel great about the song—you might even do a duet with your girl while you’re in the car. But if you really sit back and hear what the lyrics are saying, then you know Lionel is so chill, “so high”, only because he’s done with the chick and will soon be free as a bird—just the way you feel waking up late on a Sunday morning knowing you’ve got no plans for the day.

Easy is not such a delightful song for such a duet though, at least not someone you’re planning on being with for a while. It’s a song about a guy breaking up with his girl. It’s a song about a guy who has tried, and tried, and tried, but can’t make things work. And his girl knows it too. And damn, that’s just some serious heartbreaking shit.

Who knows how long Lionel had been with his lady when he decides to write this song, but you can tell how much hell he’d been through with his gut-wrenching, soul-tearing “Ooooh” at the beginning of the guitar solo. That guttural noise sounds like the death of a man’s bowels upon finishing the $2 all-you-can-eat taco special down at Raul’s corner taco stand.

To wrap up this analysis, I do have to give it credit for being an absolutely amazing karaoke song, in spite of its heartbreaking nature. I love to do this song on karaoke night. To be more specific, I love to sing this song in my car and imagine how good I would be doing this on karaoke night. It’s almost the same thing.


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