Interspecies friendships

First, watch this video for a cute overdose.

Interspecies friendships are just as incredible and awe inspiring to me as staring at the stars through a telescope. A lot of life is kill or be killed. Life is as cold and uncaring as the vacuum of space. But somehow things like this happen. Granted, in this case the tigers are cubs and I am certain the scenario would not play out the same with an adult tiger. Even human trainers keep a cautious eye out for adult tigers they have raised. But you can find countless examples of friendly interspecies relationships with a simple YouTube search.

My fascination with it began with watching my dogs. I’m 40 and had never really watched them or thought about it until the last year. I finally noticed that my dogs know each other and shared moments of cognizant recognition. I noticed the moments that my dogs and I shared with eye contact and cooperation to grant one another’s wishes. When we only had one parakeet, the same mutual recognition was there as well.

After realizing this connection, I realized something was wrong with theology. Considering the reality of choosing another human over an animal, or choosing my own family over another human, who am I to believe that humanity is so special and more deserving of divine attention than any other form of life? How could I think that humanity had any more value than anything else alive? The main difference between us is our convenient link between our intelligence and having the right appendages to manipulate our environment.

Every bit of life has some value. Even if it’s too gross, annoying, or killie to appreciate in the moment.

I realize this reads like some kind of hippie literature from the 60s, but I promise I’m not under the influence of anything other than air and some coffee. The wonder of life getting along where we think it shouldn’t is incredibly awe inspiring and it is difficult to communicate.

It’s a shame that some people spend their entire lives thinking they’re better than everything else, wondering over the love of an invisible sky god. They’ll never have a chance to enjoy the pleasure of just being a fancy ape sharing this wet, rocky ball that spins around a gigantic ball of fire.