Absolutely Anything

Absolutely Anything is a really funny, cute, and thoughtful movie. I think it’s probably my favorite Simon Pegg film just because of the level of thought that is put into the ridiculous scenario of a man being granted the power to do “absolutely anything” by a group of aliens that judge the worthiness of discovered life.

Robin Williams plays the voice of a dog, Dennis. While his bit is funny, it is made bittersweet knowing the man has gained the knowledge of the Great Secret.

Check out the trailer, then watch the film if it appeals to you. I think it’s delightful.


Would you like to see an incredible and surprisingly unique movie that will catch you completely off guard? Of course you would!

Go to RedBox, Netflix; almost anyplace except Blockbuster and rent Defendor. Right now. This afternoon. Tonight. For fear of spoiling it, I hesitate to say more than Woody Harrelson delivers another great character performing as Arthur Poppington, also known as our hero Defendor.

My wife usually doesn’t enjoy my movie preferences, but eager to see another Woody Harrelson movie, she joined me without hesitation. Expecting 90 minutes of a silly movie with Woody giving some great laughs in the form of an outrageous character was all we expected. What we got was a 90 minute ride where Defendor and his few friends immerse us in a world of crime, broken families, love, and the belief that one person can defeat insurmountable odds with tenacity and belief in what is right and good.

Defendor will surprise and delight you, delivering a shock and awe attack on your emotions. There’s a lot of really good stuff here.

Favorite music of 2009

Favorite album

Song to the Siren by John Frusciante (The Empyrean). I purchased it Jan 20 and listened to this song 30 times, nearly twice as much as the rest of the album. I first really heard the lyrics while I was waiting for Ethan to be born. I wrote on Bithia’s stomach, “Here I am waiting to hold you.” Listen to it courtesy of Lala.

Song to the Siren—John Frusciante

Favorite album

Incredibad by The Lonely Island. This album is not only insanely funny, but with 437 total plays, it’s very listenable. The music is good, but I have to warn you, don’t listen to this at the gym… you will hurt yourself. Andy Samberg is a comic genius and I think one of the shining stars of Saturday Night Live. Another warning, this CD is incredibly vulgar. Here’s another player to check out this album.

The Lonely Island

Favorite Artist

Finally, and without much surprise, the Red Hot Chili Peppers is my favorite band. With 820 track plays this year, they dominated my listening time. I’ve been listening to them since the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album in 1991. It connected with my soul and they have ever since. Great music. Be sure to check out their page on Lala too. Stadium Arcadium (2006) is their latest release and is their biggest piece of work. The Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD I have never tired of, and their first and second releases are also great. My least favorite is One Hot Minute, though it has a couple of jewels. Dave Navarro played with them for a year after John Frusciante quit the band (which he recently did again under better terms this time to pursue his solo interests).

Red Hot Chili Peppers

And with this I will stop. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this. If nothing else, sign up for a Lala account. Great way to listen to new music without making a $10 commitment. Moreover, Apple just bought them, so you know something smoking hot is going to be coming out of it in the near future.