Telling of a Dream: The Dolphin of Devastation


It’s been a long, stressful weekend that found its outlet in my dream. It’s too good and weird to keep to myself. I hope the choppy writing makes this seem more dreamlike.

At a house with several people. A friend was there. A few others. There were others. It was a big gathering. There was a pool and there was some type of game/competition going on. The pool was not straight, but had a lot of square nooks off to the sides. It was night.

I was floating in one of the corners and a dolphin came up beside me! I touched and petted it. I grabbed onto it and let it pull me around. Then I was back in the corner floating again. It came up beside me again except it was hairy. ALL OVER. Like a dog. It bit me and was pulling on me. I was scared and trying to get my hand out of its mouth without losing a finger. (At this point I think my dog was trying to wake me up because I later found shit on the floor.)

Then I was talking with this woman, we were in the pool resting on the edge of the pool. She reminded me of an old friend I haven’t seen in several years. Then I saw this shooting star that had a comical look. It moved around, would fade out then come back. It lasted a while.

I was out of the pool, getting bored. Suddenly we were watching clouds roll in, big, heavy clouds, and it became light like dawn. We watched these clouds roll in. We were not scared. We saw sparks, or rolling electricity around the center. The center boiled. It was mesmerizing and scary.

All of a sudden, there was an explosion in the center of it. It roiled and glowed and grew. It was a perfect sphere and it grew, and grew. It was not like a nuclear detonation. It was different. It was alive. Everyone started panicking.

“It’s coming at us! It’s coming at us!”

Everyone was looking at it and just standing there.

I was terrified. Grandpa was in the house on his sick bed. I knew my end was coming. I didn’t want to see it. I started to go inside to be with Grandpa. Then I thought I should watch and face my end. It was frightening watching this giant ball of light approaching us. Wondering when the blast would hit. Scared if it would hurt. Frightened and curious about what death would be like. Would it kill me?

It became too intense and I remembered I could wake up. So I did, and I was relieved.

Then I stepped in that shit I mentioned earlier.