I wonder if the experience of watching someone die is similar to (not equal to) killing someone. Anyone with experience with both of these matters? I’m certain there’s a difference, but I imagine that having watched someone die, you are more capable to make decisions related to survival than someone who has never watched a person die. Likewise, I imagine someone who has taken a life is even more capable to make decisions that preserve their own life.


Basically, this stems from people making stupid decisions in horror flicks. Deep, I know. 

All will be revealed, my friend

In anticipation of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ forthcoming I’m With You album, being released 8.30.11, I am listening to their discography from beginning to end. While Don’t Forget Me was playing I got stuck on the lyric, “all will be revealed, my friend” at the end of the song. It got me thinking about what and why something will be revealed. This is a hard topic to express, but I’m really going to try. Hang with me and post any questions in the comments.