Napolitano: ‘Some things we just won’t do’

I can somewhat understand this from the viewpoint of questionable policies like the Patriot Act. I also understand it from the now infamous Benjamin Franklin quote, “Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.”

However, as a veteran, I also understand that exceptional times call for exceptional measures. Provided there are things in place to prevent temporary, extreme measures becoming permanent, we all have to sacrifice a little. That said, the more civil liberties are retained and encouraged, the less the government needs to get involved in enforcing security (I believe).

And that said, I also believe that if you’re not doing anything wrong then it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place. There are other assumptions here that I won’t get into, but you may read into the post.

Specifically relating to the quote from Napolitano below, I disagree with her statement “there are some things we won’t do.” What’s the context and concern here? Otherwise, I say sometimes there are things we have to do. All of these questions to her and on the subject of civil liberties don’t even address Marshall Law which can be enacted if deemed necessary. At that point, civil liberties are moot.

“Napolitano added that the Obama administration had a ‘strong commitment to making sure we do everything in our power within the Constitution’ to keep the country safe and that ‘utimately, you have to say there are some things we just won’t do.’”

Via JTA: Napolitano: ‘Some things we just won’t do’