He Never Died

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 6.22.55 AMI have been looking forward to this movie for a while now. He Never Died stars Henry Rollins (of Black Flag & Rollins Band) in this film about a troubled man who has to struggle with being sober for a while in order to find his daughter.

There’s an element of mysticism to it as Jack is supposed to be Cane or a fallen angel, but I’m not sure which. The trailers have been incredible. I’ve always enjoyed Henry Rollins and look forward to seeing how this movie goes.

You can get it on iTunes now. comes to its end

This morning I received the attached email from

Lala will be discontinued as of May 31, 2010

Perhaps Apple is going to do something with it now? Maybe we’ll see and will be able to do many of the same thing with iTunes? Maybe nothing will happen?

Let the speculation begin.