I'm sorry… who's the victim?

The JTA is reporting the following story… a Palestinian stabs a couple of Israeli women (couldn’t fight a man I guess…), gets shot, and then an Israeli settler (man) runs over him a few times with his car. Sure, the guy didn’t have to run over the Palestinian, he was already down, but I can’t say I blame him—maybe he was a husband, father, brother of one of the women? Watch the Al Jazeera video for the surprise twist.

This is absolute insanity when an aggressor (not to mention a cowardly one) gets a taste of his own medicine and he’s portrayed as the victim. This makes me sick. Of course, this could be another incident like the picture that fed the liberal media machine. We’ll see.

Israel’s desire for peace has ‘vanished’

France’s Foreign Minister is “hurt” because, “It seems to me, and I hope that I am completely wrong, that this desire has completely vanished, as though people no longer believe in it.” Check out the original article here.


Why isn’t this bozo giving Iran a hard time for not pursuing peace? This is the kind of commentary that Jews need to stand up against. If there was ever a peace-loving nation that exists, it’s Israel. Israel gets blasted for defending itself against constant attacks. Israel withholds herself so many times at the request of the U.S. Israel, as the United State’s closest and most loyal ally certainly deserves a little street cred on this alone. When have your friends never contributed to your social standing?

What are your thoughts on France’s FM’s words?

Cantor wants Jews to act before it is ‘too late’

Jews need to get more vocal and more active. With the increase of threats and action against Israel and Jews we need to do more to stop those who want to kill us in this generation.

via Cantor wants Jews to act before it is ‘too late’ | JTA – Jewish & Israel News.