John Oliver on Apple’s encryption battle with the FBI

John does it again. I’ve been waffling on this issue, but am leaning toward phone encryption. John Oliver’s report on the subject isn’t only hilarious, it’s balanced and informative. And there’s a great mock iPhone ad at the end that sums everything up quite well too.

And I still don’t like that terrorism is used as the justification for unlocking encryption. I think that religious white males with access to firearms would be a better tactic.

Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira arrested for book, The King's Torah

Last year the JTA published an article about Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira. I commented on it here. Turns out he was arrested for the book for suspicion of incitement. You can read about that on JTA’s site here.

Even though no charges were pressed and he was released, it’s nice to see the consensus held by the authorities about his work. Keep in mind this isn’t the only time he’s gotten in trouble. JTA also reported that he was arrested in January because 5 of his yeshiva students were charged for committing arson on a mosque in Yasuf back in December.

I mention this again to show the difference in attitude Israelis hold against their own when confronted with terrorist mentalities. It’s a stark contrast from the reactions we see in the Muslim world.

Rabbi’s book says Jews can kill gentiles

A recent article in the JTA, referencing an article from Ha’aretz, stated Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira has published a book making the assertion it’s okay for Jews to kill non-Jews. In my opinion, you can replace ‘Jew’ with any nationality and ‘non-Jew’ with any other nationality and it puts it into a better perspective. Sadly, nations go to war and we kill each other. To make matters worse though this is from a Jewish source and I’ll bet you it will raise the ire of a few non-Jewish nations. Even worse, he says it’s okay to kill children if they’re an immediate threat.

Ach. Us Jews are having a hard enough time now and the last thing we need is our own people doing things like this to draw more attention. This is not the way we present ourselves. I hate reading things like this because it puts us in the same boat as the terrorists. We are not terrorists—Jews are not terrorists. We will and should do whatever it takes to protect ourselves, but we do not need to present ourselves as an overly aggressive people/nation. Let the military do that.

I pray this goes relatively unnoticed…

No Violations at Guantanamo Bay Military Prison

I knew we were clean. I love it when liberal politicians make a big stink over something, talk of lawsuits and whatnot only to find it was for nothing.

The Pentagon has completed a report, ordered by President Obama, of conditions at the Guantanamo Bay military prison. The report concludes that the treatment of the detainees meets the requirements of the Geneva Convention. Obama will be relieved to learn this, unless he isn’t.

From Powerline