Woody Harrelson


Would you like to see an incredible and surprisingly unique movie that will catch you completely off guard? Of course you would!

Go to RedBox, Netflix; almost anyplace except Blockbuster and rent Defendor. Right now. This afternoon. Tonight. For fear of spoiling it, I hesitate to say more than Woody Harrelson delivers another great character performing as Arthur Poppington, also known as our hero Defendor.

My wife usually doesn’t enjoy my movie preferences, but eager to see another Woody Harrelson movie, she joined me without hesitation. Expecting 90 minutes of a silly movie with Woody giving some great laughs in the form of an outrageous character was all we expected. What we got was a 90 minute ride where Defendor and his few friends immerse us in a world of crime, broken families, love, and the belief that one person can defeat insurmountable odds with tenacity and belief in what is right and good.

Defendor will surprise and delight you, delivering a shock and awe attack on your emotions. There’s a lot of really good stuff here.