John Oliver on Apple’s encryption battle with the FBI

John does it again. I’ve been waffling on this issue, but am leaning toward phone encryption. John Oliver’s report on the subject isn’t only hilarious, it’s balanced and informative. And there’s a great mock iPhone ad at the end that sums everything up quite well too.

And I still don’t like that terrorism is used as the justification for unlocking encryption. I think that religious white males with access to firearms would be a better tactic.

Question the Bible?! Why not…

James Randi: informative and entertaining. In this video he discusses the archeological evidence, or lack thereof, for Nazareth. Does the fictional status of Nazareth equate to the fictional status of Jesus (and therefore God and salvation)? Yes. I believe it’s just another nail in the coffin. 

Eminem’s Drug Addiction

What a great excerpt! I had shoulder surgery a couple of years ago. I became addicted to Percocet. I didn’t know it until I started to get off it and I became sick.

I didn’t get to his point, but I relate to that “ahhh” feeling. When I got off of it, it was like stepping out of a cloud that I didn’t even know that I was in.

Opiates are incredibly powerful drugs. They feel great but will turn you into something you didn’t know you could be.

If you’re on prescription pain pills, talk to your doctor about any past histories of addiction (personal or familial). It’s silly easy to get refills. Watch yourself and have people watch you. It’s serious.